Friday, September 25, 2009

Ticklish feeling is something that irritates me to the core and i get angry with whoever who tries to tickle me!!

For a change 'Got up early in the morning' screaming out loud as i felt my hubby had tickled my nostrils!!! all set to pounce back on him i opened my eye just to see him sleep like a lamb! who else was it?? well thought it was a bad dream and was struggling to get back the comfort posture i was in a while ago...Damn it..just cudnt get that cozy position back again!!! To hell with it i woke up cursing the tickler, craving to find out where it was my surprise ..there it was on the bed!!! the Bloody tickler..the ugly dirty Cockroach!!!!!

Litrally furious me, slowly crept into the kitchen got that sidey broom and came to the bedroom... PS :hubby still sleeping with the roachy gurl peacefully!!!!!

i aimed with utmost concentration,giving that filthy creature enough time to take its last breath... and with full eyes shut ....gave one tight whack....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaargh!!!!! What the hell??" he roared..not the cockroach but the poor lamb(hubby).
I realised that i missed my target!!! and to my surprise roachy girl was missing!!!!

My better half was hit badly on his face with a broom early in the morning!! But i believe its just a matter of forgiving and forgetting !!! Men are bad these days!! They take all these silly stuff to heart and crib about it the whole day!!!
Thank god i was not in his place.else would have made him feel guilty for a month!!

Any way i guess i bashed him on his nose and his face looked absolutely horrible and i understood he was fumingly incensed!! without giving him time for repercussion, I reminded him that he was getting late and it was time for office :)

i still cudnt give vent to my anger ..That made up innocent look of mine dint last for long as my eyes were running all through the nook and corners of my house to get one sight of roachy girl..just to give her the last supper she deserved!!! Iam still searching...His nose did swell up..but absolutly fine now!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Time for me is 10.19..though its 2.45 on my laptop.. iam forced to follow the time of Brits as i work for them!!! needless to say there is not much work today but some unfortunate souls like me should atleast 'Pretend' that there is something to do..Thats the Rule!!

And in my course of pretention thought would jot down few thoughts that came across my idle mind or would rather scribble on my Blog which was left blank since months after creating the account...And now since iam idle u can put it this are few thoughts that came from a devils Wrokshop!!!!

Born on 7th oct 83 i am the laziest person on earth!! Well i give the credit for that to myself...

Countless adjectives can be tagged along with my name as iam one of a kind!I myself have never met someone more weird than me! but the mask ive bought to cover it up suits me and it does its job pretty well :)

Age isnt a barrier for anything is what i strongly believe and practice!so even though iam married i still be in the company of unmarried souls ..just to make myself feel iam young and also to avoid me nick named as "aunty" !! reminds me of the godrege hair dye ad!!i hate such teasers!

Irritation has its limits..but my husband claims that he can break the Guiness book of world records for being absolutly unaffected by any kind of irritants...thats the art he achieved after staying two years with me..hes got to put on his training shoes again as he still got lots to learn ;) but till date hes been doing a good Job!!!!

An expert in cooking but iam a "hard to get cook"!! cook only when i feel like and else i humbly starve! as and when iam forced to show off my cooking skills i generously make bread omelette and if it has to be some thing beyond that which has to be made with more effort i just make the the requester realise how fat he/she is!!

Reading was always a hobby when iam all set to sleep....two lines are just more than enough for me to get the most desired and contented nap

Break time at office is spent judiciously on gossips! Who grew up the ladder witout working,who looks good and who looks bad,who dresses up well and who doesnt who is going around with whom and who parties more...needless to say breaks are never ending especially if the tea is hot and the gang is of the same frequency..i love breaks with my team!

Being optimistic is something that iam always !! especially when i used to await my maths paper for which i would have derived my own formulas for solving few sums...Optimism strikes hard when my name gets called ...and after seeing the marks it strikes even more mind tells me" Just chill there is always a next time"!!!!

God exists in my mind and not in idols! not an athiest but strongly disbelieve in idol worship....

Well thats all for a fellow blogger or a a genuine reader to understand who iam and what iam!!

more to follow after a day or two...:)