Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Well its been a while since I thought I should be blogging ..but work, work and more work kept me away even from having peaceful biobreaks…Finally late in the night I felt I should scribble something!!!
Again that growling..rather snoring of my better half which has over the years assumed a lullaby effect on me compels me to get back to bed and sleep..but Perseverance is holding me back today!!Well talking about Perseverance makes me think of how lazy iam!!

I remember those days when I used to starve just because I was so slothful to even bend down and get the stuff kept on the lower rack of the refridgerator!!!
Same with the copy writing at school.. mom used to hold my hand ,with a pencil inserted in between my fingers ,writing my transcription book while I would be fast asleep…
I tried to change my behavioral patterns many a time but of no avail. After marriage it is more like a competition at home as to who is lazier and I truly enjoy this game!!
Weekends will be dedicated for cleaning the house..ideally sweeping and mopping-One of us will tidy up and the other wil sweep and mop-Tidying up will only involve moving the remote of the TV from the dining table to the tea poy!! And Sweeping and mopping wil stop once the smallest room of the house sparkles!

Laziness takes a different stride on me at work place..usually it strikes me hard on Fridays!! Gosh I guess Friday has a crush on me cos it tries its maximum to get me out of office early..Some how the Friday fever hits me hard right from Friday morning and continues till the time i am out of office… A 'love letter'usually awaits me at office on Mondays due to the Friday lethargy 

Day in day out I've been warned by people about the increase in the number of flabs in my body!!Just 10 steps up and I reach the Gym! But no ,not me ....nobody can noose me to the gym because there lies this issue..the treadmill is always free since no one uses it..and I hate to see it unused . If only it was forever being treaded on I could have convinced my conscience that I couldn't use it for a valid reason!!!

Well I hope this does not continue long term as I feel it is a disease iam suffering from…you can ensure you’ve become a lazy bum when these symptoms are seen
Perpetual hunger
No Interest in any kind of activity
A "I -can't -be bothered -to think" attitude
Getting angry
Weird look always
Fault finding
Upset for no reason
Strain to move from one seat to another
Eye strain while reading, especially while reading a levelheaded book
Dreaming about a cozy bed while handling an escalation at work

And now iam working on a panacea to correct these!! Join me if ur diseased!!! :)