Friday, January 22, 2010

1)A Lady can make eyebrows raise and get attention and appreciation from people seated in every nook and corner of the floor when she steps in dressed well.....On the same day a guy chooses to walk in well dressed for a client presentation.....askance looks follow him and he is asked "Sanju,fancy dress competition today huh?"

2) When a clientele comes in, the team welcomes them..The team lead or may be the most handsome guy among the lot gives a summary of what is done and how the process goes,but the clients keep smiling and ogling at all the girls around even while the dude here struggles to give his best possible briefing!!!

3) Briefing over…..The Client blurts a statement and chuckles while the rest of the team bellow a hearty laugh although puzzled and confused about the "multi crore VVIP" joke....least realizing that it was his way of expressing his downright sarcasm about the process that was happens and that too very subtly!!:)

4) Never ending conference calls are always dealt with hate and abhorrence …the saddest part is when nature's call strikes you hard at the climax of the call…the only option would be to put the phone on mute…run to the loo,ease, get back and then blare an excuse..”oops I was on mute”...and then update on the issue !!

5)Breaks are taken only to bitch about others!!! Managers about reportees and reportees about managers and peers!! And few noseys join only the managers for breaks…This is mainly to give false inputs about his/her own team mates and hype about his/her contribution and how the customer appreciated him last night for being connected till midnight….but why did he connect till midnight? Did he actually have work? Well every one knows!!!

6)When a company's policy says an internal movement happens only if he/she has completed 18-24 months in a specific team …few(like the ones I mentioned above-Break mates) move from one role to another in 6 months!! of them remain in the same team for years slogging ..poor souls…!!!…

7) Another important activity is to add all the clients that he or she supports in orkut or face book accounts ..and keep updating status messages some what similar to this

"Gosh been working since 48hrs now...I still love it!! :)"

Isn't it a clever exclamation to make them feel that this particular “orkuteer or face booker” is the only one slogging..and the next day this he/she is blessed with a long appreciation mail!!! What an idea Sirji!!!

8) At the performance review meeting the manager dutifully remembers the little that you’ve not done, and conveniently forgets the bulk that you have achieved…... to cap it all he then tries to convince you that his break mates are better than you!Few dumbos do get convinced!!!

9) Some smarties are known for delegating work to poor new joinees who struggle to win acclaim as they are newbies…On the pretext of training the newbies the gentlemen get their work done by these poor souls and find their way up to the wall of fame without shedding a drop of sweat! Smart guys....some are born great and meritorious, some achieve greatness and merit and some have greatness and merit thrust upon them....our guys fall in the third category

Well I stop with 9 !!..but would love to know more of such interesting facts..
still investigating and the trail goes on.....…

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Dearest "Go"

Had been to kerala few weeks ago to attend a friend's wedding…also to have some lip-smacking home made food ,by courtesy, mom!! As always mom was a little anxious about not having a maid at home to help her with the cleaning and swabbing because it certainly is a tough job when she has to do it all alone!!!

In fact I was getting jaded as she started off again with the same topic when I modestly dropped the plate of snacks on the floor,while watching tv.I swear that wasn’t intentional ,didn't even think that I should do something to avoid her as she was nagging about me being glued in front of the idiot box all the time!! Any way fortunately the door bell rang and she quickly wiped the floor and went to check who it was !!…I followed her.

It was a prospective maid waiting to be interviewed by the one woman chair... my mom!! And mom started off with negotiating her package…

This took me back to my childhood days when we had a maid at home!! Her name was Gomathy and I had given her the nick name “Go” . She was a funny woman , pretty sweet but slightly dumb! And I was at my most mischievous self…..7th or 8th std if my memory is correct!

Those were the days when I used to have carnatic music classes twice in a week. My music teacher used to come home and teach me for almost 2 hrs a day!
For me, it was a two hour caging and crooning without pitch and emotion with that sweet lady only to forget what was taught till the next class when the whole exercise was mechanically repeated.

One fine day I heard ‘Go’ grating the song that my music teacher taught me! It was so horrible and I wondered why God was so cruel while giving her such growling voice! During her solo concert she saw me watching her and came forward with a request “will u teach me music” ?

My ego swelled and my excitement knew no bounds when I heard this and we started off with our Music classes. Mind you ‘Go’ was between 55 and 60 yrs of age. After few days of initializing i told her i was substituting notes with words..i sang..Go go go ..Ma ma ma..Ti ti ti....and she repeated her drone.The nit wit did not realize that i was playing with her own name!!……My bass was her highest pitch and we used to turn the house a babel, what with my screechy tone accompanying her braying!!

She had subsequent interests like being photographed…the imp in me used to make her pose like a 20 year old model for an ad before a camera which had no film in it.She had no qualms about dressing the way i wanted her to..This weakness in her I exploited and very often made her dip her face in her favourite talcum bin...just to tell her she looks gorgeous after making her apply half a tin on her face....Flattery has its own limits..Remember i was a bad kid!!!!

Watching TV serials was another interesting leisure pursuit of hers .She used to finish off all her work as quickly as possible to get herself placed before the TV to watch her favorite serials. Most of the days by 9 pm my mom used to have a tough time consoling her for the death of the hero's wife!! She used to cry as if the hero was her son!!!

‘Go’ used to enjoy a nap every day after a heavy lunch.As much as she enjoyed her food was she devotional . She used to chant prayers even while working…The Chimney tube ended at the terrace from the kitchen and I used to go to the terrace, stand next to the edge of the chimney tube and say “Gomathiii this is lord Krishna calling you... I am pleased with your prayers..tell me one wish”
Poor Go used to get so scared as my voice reached down through the chimney tube with an echo which in turn enhanced the divine effect…

Playing pranks with ‘Go’ was one of my activities after school…Also teaching her English was something I loved . I think I managed to teach her names of all common vegetables :)

It was fun spending time with her and I would say she was one of a kind!!

Poor dame had to leave our place due to ill health!!!
But I really miss my ‘Go’!!!

Mom any way seems to have recruited the lady who was waiting outside!Iam sure she can never ever match up with my sweet 'GO'!!