Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dental Venture :)

This box right in front of me reminds me of many things..I had almost forgotten about this...but now feel like peeping into it just to revive an instance which happend about 18-19 years ago...

I remember me being chased all through the house by my mother for a tooth of mine which was found wobbling since few days, and playing with that shaky piece of dead bone was fun for me. i used to insert my tongue between the tooth,mimick the 80 year old lady who just had one tooth which was of my condition...i just dint want to lose it inspite of knowing that my mom was behind me to take it off....

and yes...shes caught hold of me..My tooth assasin(mom) grabbed me and placed me on her lap..just not letting me jump out inspite of my constant wriggling and occasional bites on her fingers with the tiny incisor i had on the other side ...

No matter what she was all set to pull out the tooth and i couldnt do anything much but use my weapon...'tears'!!!! i cried out aloud as if she was trying to strangle me to death....there was no use as all at home were quite well versed with my tantrums...

Finally she managed to pull it out after a lot of physical and mental torture .. and there were drops of blood on my frock and on the floor...i imagined the heroine of the movie i saw the previous day, die after puking blood.....and i felt i was in the same could my mom do this to me??? i increased my tone, cried loudly sympathysing myself....and there she comes with a bottle of water for me to wash my mouth...I just wudnt!!I wanted to take revenge by showing the blood stains to my father...(who pampered me more than anyone else) as i expected him to bash up my mom for being so cruel to me!Well those were just expectations which never happend!

I finally was forced to wash my mouth and my plan just dint work..God was with mom.She got what she wanted..My favourite tooth!!!.After the crying session which lasted till i got my Dairy milk my mom showed me my tooth...a tiny white seed like thing which amused me ...Eeeks got scared when i looked at the mirror and smiled as i had a hole right in center of my denture! Started off cribbing again about losing my 'Hema Malini' looks(psst i was an ardent fan of hers when i was small;))

Well somehow mom convinced me that its gonna comeback and ill get my old smile back!!!

That tiny tooth which is still treasured in this box makes me nostalgic..Looking at it Iam still wondering why i cared for that small fang so much even after knowing that i would get a better one soon....Strange!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Relispray and tiger balm are usually replenished without fail at home whenever the stock gets over..I think thats used more these days by my better half than food!..Well now please dont think that its cos I frequently bash him up!!!

Muscle spasms,back ache,sprain are friends who vist him every now and then!Hes lost without these ailments! The point here is these are well invited by himself!
A jump which makes his head knock the ceiling,gliding from one room to another using roller skates(when the room is just sufficiant enough to occupy a double bed),trying to fly,and stretching himself like the way a cat does once it wakes up from sleep,splitting which results in most of his trousers tearing apart (be it a reid and taylor,blackberry or any brand what so ever),and so called martial art postures which makes one gets so confused and wonder how he is gonna untangle himself from that tangled position!!Well it doesnt end there...but i cant even go on thinking about those horrible scenes to scribble about it!!

As a result Mondays are usually proclaimed a holiday as he needs solid rest after his strenuous activities during weekends!!Well a passion can always be encouraged..but iam perplexed here!! ..Remain quiet ,warn him or just encourage him??? whats my role here?

Well just praying for his bones!!!