Friday, November 4, 2011

The Bragging Zone

Back on my blog page after a year!! Busy bee that i was, i failed to realize that I havnt used my blog since long...

Well though I kept away from blogging, I was active on facebook and on a daily basis I ensure I check updates of my friends ,comment on it ,post pics, watch pics and so on and it indeed is a go by…

This marks another motive behind me getting back to whit down few random thoughts.. ;)

Of late Face booking mostly among Indians has become a forum for exhibition rather than socializing or networking..
A friend never bothers to reply to a ‘how are u’ but ensures he posts pics of him holding his new android, brags about its features, and later remains quiet until his next purchase!!! May be its to appease his uncontrollable urge to show off.. Well I think he should also post pics of what he purchases from the Jockey shop as well so that the public can see his new inner trends ;)Even if that was the case iam sure there would a bunch commenting 'Fantastic', 'Fantabulous', 'Same pinch','I have the same' and so on..

Another weird aspect of certain human beings is that they put a status message about themselves and ‘like’ it!!! May be its the after effect of some confidence booster that make them so self obsessed.. Recent example was a that of a friend who had posted a pic of him wearing a blazer,caption was “Me off for a client meet” and he has liked his own pic!!! His photo caption should have rather been “Me off for a client meet and I love myself” Incorrigible I say!!!

Then comes the category of certain quixotic couple who post on their better half's wall. “Honey Iam so glad that you are my soul mate” while this so called honey would be sitting right next trimming his fingernails or snoring away!!! Wondering cant this be just conveyed straight on to his face? Recently another friend who just got married updated his wife's pic and the caption was ‘My sexy wife’!!! If he wanted all of us to feel so, then he should pay us!! And few comment 'indeed she is'.. wonder whether they were blind!!!!

Certain friend requests that come in are hilarious. Anupama who has uploaded Katrina Kaifs pic as her profile pic sent me a friend request.. and she and I have 61 common friends. I dont even remember such a name among my friends...... but just dint want to hurt her by rejecting the friend request ..later at office I asked my friend (who happens to be in Anupamas friend list too) "who is Anupama?" Friend-“Oh so u dont know her? I accepted her request as I noticed Susan and you were common friends"...I took the pains to check with Susan , who confided to me that she added Anupama cos of some other common friend.. but the question remains within all of us -WHO is ANUPAMA?? Why does she want to add all of us if none of us know her??? Strange..yet interesting 

Well I just need a bowl of crumpy cheesy popcorn to sit before facebook and laugh my heads off as this networking page is definitely entertaining, amusing and of course gives a handful of info on human psychology!!!