Saturday, October 24, 2009

Knotted to the Twisted

Relispray and tiger balm are usually replenished without fail at home whenever the stock gets over..I think thats used more these days by my better half than food!..Well now please dont think that its cos I frequently bash him up!!!

Muscle spasms,back ache,sprain are friends who vist him every now and then!Hes lost without these ailments! The point here is these are well invited by himself!
A jump which makes his head knock the ceiling,gliding from one room to another using roller skates(when the room is just sufficiant enough to occupy a double bed),trying to fly,and stretching himself like the way a cat does once it wakes up from sleep,splitting which results in most of his trousers tearing apart (be it a reid and taylor,blackberry or any brand what so ever),and so called martial art postures which makes one gets so confused and wonder how he is gonna untangle himself from that tangled position!!Well it doesnt end there...but i cant even go on thinking about those horrible scenes to scribble about it!!

As a result Mondays are usually proclaimed a holiday as he needs solid rest after his strenuous activities during weekends!!Well a passion can always be encouraged..but iam perplexed here!! ..Remain quiet ,warn him or just encourage him??? whats my role here?

Well just praying for his bones!!!


Omana said...

The title "Knotted to the Twisted" in the specific context is simply superb!

Anonymous said...

Wat a picture.. awesome well thinking about the hard work behind the scene.

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