Sunday, November 29, 2009

Headache-A Catastrophe

Being unwell on a weekend is something more tormenting than missing out my favourite biriyani
This weekend was completely spent in dribs and drabs at home when I had ‘n’ number of plans scheduled
Meeting up with friends, gossiping, shopping ,get togethers, and so on were programmed in my mind..

I had the weekend hysteria starting from Friday and so decided to work from home. Working from home was more or less like enjoying the weather having a nice cup of coffee, watching Tv, smirk at those who would be working hard at office, and at times, rather when I feel like, twitter into the laptop screen when work pops up!
With the lap top on my lap ,and eye focused completely on the movie I dint want a soul to disturb me ,as I was completely engrossed in that comfort posture

Soon felt a kind of body throb which ran through my rib and went down the spine…a small tap on my elbow with the remote hurt me..and started getting a strong headache….God!!!whats happening to me???…am I falling sick?? My get together????…eeeks!!!

Decided to go take rest as I had slept late the previous night since was watching a movie ;)
No matter what I couldn’t take it easy…head ache was aggravating every hour and I some how couldn’t bear it…I hate taking tablets…but here I was forced to..had a paracetamol and after hours of struggle I dozed off..I was woken up by around 9.30pm when the door bell rang and that was my husband..i opened my eye and realized that my head was heavy and I wasn’t still out of the pain..
Hospitals are always a no no for me but since I welcomed my husband puking right in front of him ,.he decided to take me to the hospital.

Manipal hospital being the nearest we decided to go there..since it was 10pm ,only the casuality was open for consultation and there were only emergency cases.I stepped in and I could see people on ventilators, oxygen cylinders gasping for breath and some were infact struggling for their life..

I was quite sure if I had uttered the word ‘headache’ there one of those suffering patients would have got up and slapped me left and right. My headache was nothing when compared to the ailment they were suffering.I decided to walk out as the doctors had more serious patients to look after..

Next day visited a local clinic as the pain still persisted and puking continued…doctor there asked me if I were working in IT sector and whether I always sit in front of the computer…Needless to say any IT employee would do the same..he chuckled and gave me a look which meant ''Very Simple issue''!
He termed this kind of strong headache as Migraine!! Mainly caused due to stress..Wonder how watching movie and enjoying the weather would inculcate stress in me!!

Any way the end result is Migraine ruined my weekend, factually wrecked it... And all what I have to tell u my dear migraine is ’Don’t u dare come again!!!!!’


Anonymous said...

Gal i liked ur style..was reading through your previous blogs and i feel ur nothing but a simple and sweet girl next door....Keep writing...and hope uve recovered from that nasty headache which ruined your weekend....:)Looking forward for more write ups!

Omana said...

That migraine seems to have affected your sense of humour to some extent.....Keep writing after you overcome the hangover!!!!

Aparnaa said...

Hey girl.. way to go.. well written.. loved all uar posts.. :)

Vineeta said...

Thanks Anonymous,and amma this is a sad couldnt think of humour;)
Aparnaa..Thank u soo much..been long...guess i lost ur me pls! said...

so ur headache became another story. As usual nicely written and hope ur company will not stop work from home option ;)

Vineeta said...

heheeh Thanks Chetta..i really hope they wont ;)

Ekanthapadhikan said...

Ops! That really hurts, doesn't it? But which was more painful - the migraine or missing out the weekend?

And, thanks for commenting on my post.

Manu said...

Hey... even i had this same problem... it was this unbearable pain on the temple. I consulted my eye doctor and had to change the power of my glass. Maybe that will help. btw, liked ur style.

Vineeta said...

Thanks for reading Eakan...missing out the weekend was infact more painful wen i think about it now ;) and yes i couldnt leave ur blog without commenting....Was too good!

Thanks Manu...Yeah guess i need to check my eye asap..:)

Asif Shaik said...

Ohh,sad to hear abt your migraine problem.Be Careful with it. If we get it once, its very difficult to get rid of it.Take Care and Get well soon.:)

Anita :) said...

Heard this directly from you.. :-)at Lalbagh!! Hope u're doing good now.. IF you're not, come home!!

Vineeta said...

@anita: needless to say ill be there :)

Aki said...

rofl!! Watching movie relaxing at home " was stressful " - imagine doing some work - hospitalisation!!

Vineeta said...

@Aki that would landed me in an ICU :)

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