Friday, December 18, 2009

The Babe @ Home

We recently bought a Canon D500..." This equipment can make u look prettier, fairer and may be at times like Julia Roberts" the most convincing statement made by my brother (who has been flattered by orkutters to believe that he is a professional photographer) and I fell flat for it.

Upon his verdict I purchased this 2kg black "puttu kutti" (something like a long cylindrical vessel used to make Steamcakes in kerala)

Caressed every minute with a wipe, covered in the softest muslin available, regular checks on whether it has rashes(scratches) and what not!!
Well,the new entrant was the apple of our eyes and the mewling new born next door would have been jealous!! Iam Sure!!!

I sort of felt the cam’s excitement to be at our place and imagined that it may be craving to write an autobiography about its looming 5 star life style!

The stuff seems to be pretty tricky and can be used only if there is something 'above' for the user! Exactly... you are right. Brains ,Talent and skill in photography!

As and when we entered home with Canon baby we rearranged the d├ęcor of my room,I wore my new salwar and applied thick kajal, lipstick and all the other accessories I had, all set for photo session. I struck a pose even before he could insert the batteries as my excitement knew no bounds.

One of the 1st pics clicked was displayed. What I saw was a freak!! It had two heads and four hands!!! It could not be me for sure  Gulp!! My dreams of looking like Julia Roberts were shattered....forget it.. it wasn’t even close to her old pug’s features :(

The optimist in me dared for a second click!! That was a disaster! Three eye brows and I looked worse than Krur Singh!!(the most popular villain in the epic Chandrakantha)

Shutter speed, exposure, modes everything was greek and latin to us!!! We did spend a lot of time researching about this model,though practically it wasn't that easy to handle. To hell with it!! Both of us were completely flabbergasted!
The big holes in our pockets were still fuming and we remained aghast not knowing what to do with that good for nothing Canon Baby!!

The weekend was spent as judiciously as possible! Skipped the usual dine outs to compensate for the lost thousands!!! Minds kept muttering "What a squandering”!!
Monday went on as usual with routine back home to see the frown gone off from my better half’s face. For a change after one week he looked delighted ,and then with a twinkle in his eyes explained to me that Canon was organizing a 2days beginners Training Program, for proud owners of their Product!:) We are looking forward to the weekend to attend the session which we anticipate will enhance our photography skills and enable us to handle our new Canon baby!!! I’ll get back with few good shots later!!!


Meenakshi said...

hahaha.. good one.. Hope the beginners training program gets your Canon baby the 5 star treatment and love again.. As for you, hope you get much much better pics that Julia Robertson.. Happy Cannon training to you & your hubby!!!

Aki said...

lol!! Hmmmm.....all the best buddy! said...

this one is hilarious, ROFL, not only me but my better half tooo..poor vivz inte talentiney patti parayandayrnnu...;)
Understood why those film city pics looked so "GREAT". Infact I even thought that something had happened to ur old camera, because of the poor quality. hope u guys will learn the tricks and soon will come out with steaming pics from ur "steam-cake kutti"

Asif Shaik said...

….Yackoooo :) :) :) ha ha ha (with the third eyebrow raised), I wonder how you bought the SLR camera without knowing shutter speed, AF, exposure etc. Well don’t worry too much,you have a pretty puttu kutty in your hand which really performs well. Just you need to learn some basics about the camera n photography and there it goes :) :) you can really look like who ever you want to look like:) if not then you have your own mirror anyway to look at and imagine as u said in some previous blog of urs.

Anita :) said...

Hmm.. our puttu kutty sits in one corner of the cupboard...waiting for us to take some shots..its already been a week since I told him to take a shot of our 'fluffy' Christmas tree..! Hmm...I wish yours and my better halves do a better job with it !

Vineeta said...

Thanks Meenakshi...havnt attended the session yet :)..still learning at Home:)

@Aki:Thanks for dropping by

@Chetta:those pics were so bad?though we improved;)

@Asif: Knowing about Shutter speed, exposure aperture etc wont help to use the camera.. Theoretical knowledge doesn't help much..practically isn't that easy as well..just getting to know it now :( still not at all user friendly :) Thanks for reading and iam happy you still remember my older posts :)

@anita:We have started exploring..still in progress though..waitign to see your fluffy christmas tree :)

Vinay Sharma said...

ha ha .. fun read ..

.. template rocks, the clock doesn't :)

Vineeta said...

Thanks Vinay..Will check out if i can get a better clock :)

Libu said...

Vinee--I liked it!! very interesting read:)hope to see some nice snaps soon

Chatterbox said...

a fantastic hilarious account :)
Loved your similes and the cute picture.

I hope the training program proves helpful and we get to see some pictures taken using the Canon baby :)

Keep up the wonderful work.


Vineeta said...

@libu-Thank you soo much..and uve seen few of those pics:)

@Chatterbox:Thanks a ton..havnt attended the training yet...but sure will upload few pics that came out well :)

Omana said...

That was some interesting reading and am looking out for more hilarious ones

Olive said...

Hey I am happy you are lookin forward for the training - actually I was getting tensed reading through your struggles phew !!! all the best for your sessions :) and do post ur new pictures

Vineeta said...

Thanks a ton Olive..i will definitely post the good pics :) Thanks again for dropping by :)

moonlite:D said...

hee he,, good one again..
do share the pics :)

Vineeta said...

@moontile:Thanks Moonlite..definitly :)

Ajay Karthick said...

I'm still waiting for that 3 eyebrows photo, Vin :D .. send it over soon.. Nice writeup.. Good luck with the 500D..

Vineeta said...

Ajay-u wont have a peaceful sleep if i send it to u! :) Thank s for reading and keep reading!

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