Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Resolution Time

The year 2009 wasn’t too bad but yes,I did take a few bad roads, and did fall into some shallow pits ! Dame Luck saved me from formidable scenarios. Still I feel I should refrain from few routine tasks that I get caught up in!

-I will stop eating rice( God help me with this, I can't control when I see a platter of rice..sluurp) and reduce at least a kilo this year (trust me it isn’t easy)

-Will never mail anyone who writes in editorial columns, criticizing them even if I find the article futile.

-I will ensure that my wardrobe remains neat and tidy ( mission Impossible)

-I will never use hair drier daily and lose those existing ten locks I have now

- Reduce the decibel of my screechy tone and endeavor to add on a bit of bass to it.It probably may help people from complaining of headaches once I start off with my never ending conversations!!

-Will never trust colleagues

-Use Face book and Orkut sparingly and concentrate more on online courses at office (am lying. I can’t do that!!)

- Obey my better half to the last letter and be a very good pet cat ( this is just to please him ,if ever he reads this :)

-Attempt to read better books than Champak, Tinkle and Archies..I am sure it would help me sleep off faster than now!

-Resolve to wear less colorful and less fashionable clothes because I intend to be more mature and solemn in 2010. Sober shades may probably go well with my new profile.

-I will blog more often at home and not at office

- Definitely keep in touch with my friends whom I miss out to call back often. Sorry guys .I won’t repeat that again!!

- Will neither tease any one nor indulge in a running commentary about any person of interest seen at the malls or busy streets

-I will gossip less ( I’m lying again!!)
-I Will not lie (oops I already did)

I have hell loads to change spaced out from these ,but that can still wait as I have more years ahead of me!!! 2010 is in precedence at the moment :)

I wish it’s going to be a good year with new hopes and many surprises and yes loads of happiness and fun for you and for me !!! Cheers!!!


Asif said...

Ha ha ha hilariously written….Hmm good plans I guess :) but some things we cant change-the more we try to change ourselves the more we think about it. Anyway Good luck, may you be successful in all those things. :)

Omana said...

Reinforce your resolutions with the concrete of will power and it will take you a long way!!!Good blogging.....Looking forward to reading more in the year to come!!!

Sanju said...

i did not complain of headaches Vinee....i just said i need to use ear plugs more!! :) said...

Hehe another rocking post...
I wonder who coined this concept of resolutions, this has become an inseparable part of new year..luckily there is no dearth of resolutions since almost 99% of the resolutions of previous year can be carried over to next year.
Keep posting and have a wonderful New year

ganesh said...

Good one...well written vinee...

moonlite:D said...

hey hi,,
nice post!!
and I say,, don't completely quit on rice,, (i'm trying to spoil u)
and i dont agree any book is better than champak, chandamama,tinkle... But,, other few books will def. act as sleeping pill.. :)

Meenakshi said...

well written!

Hope the New Year is much much more better than the last year! Happy New Year..

Anita :) said...

kidu..! I know its never gonna be followed... but if you do, you will never be the same ol' screechy, high energy Vineeta anymore !!That will be sad :( Dont set such goals. Well, not using hair dryer is fine!

Vineeta said...

@ Thanks are right there are lot of things among these which i dont think i can stick on to!!

@Thanks Oane

@Sanju: its just by that ear plug statement of urs that i realized that i need to modify my voice..grrrr

@ subodh chetta: Thanks for reading u said these were my resolutions planned since 2007.hoping to implement them atleast this year :)

@Ganesh -Thank u soo much :)

@moonlite-Iam already spoilt ;)and quitting rice i think should be postponed to 2011 as i have already broke my word ;)

@meenakshi-Thanks for dropping by :)

@Anita-hehe u know me too well :)even i dont trust myself in that matter..ill probably realize about the side effects of hair drier once i turn bald! Thanks for reading di :)

Aparnaa said...

Good luck with your resolutions!! Hope u will be able to keep atleast one girl..Anyway, will be looking forward for your next entry.. :)

Vineeta said...

@Aparnaa..hehehe 'atleast one' itself is a question mark before me..Thanks for dropping by dear :)

Chatterbox said...

Wow! what a wonderful list to add loads of smiles to the new year :)
Hope you have a wonderful wish-fulfilling new year.


Omana said...

"A New Year's resolution is something that goes in one 'year'and out the other"-Unknown

Vineeta said...

@Chatterbox-Thank you and wish u the same CB :)

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