Wednesday, December 9, 2009

To Err is Human :)

Well, I used to be tigress kicking up tantrums at home every other minute but a lamb the minute I step outside the house during my school days....Not a "smart kid" is how I would assess myself if smartness is measured in terms of the quantum of energy released!!! This happened when I was in std 1.Me getting embarrassed is not something new,it started right from class One, when one day Sister Cicilia, my class teacher, decided to vehemently make me participate in a drama for the Parents day Celebrations at school!!
Practice sessions started full swing and the only dialogue I had to say in that skit was "What happened to you Tom"?

Everyday I used to get back home and recite the dialogue and mom used to teach me the exact expression and the way it had to be rendered. Since then any one who comes home was greeted by me asking "What happend to u Tom?" with bizarre facial expressions....Well they couldn’t do or say anything much but just look at me and my parents with loads of sympathy.
To be honest I enjoyed the practice sessions at home and when enquired why I was going on repeating the same dialogue at home ,Mom would humbly say “she’s having a skit next week for which she’s practising”!! And immediately I would enact my sequence…Believe me I just loved to show off my acting talents ;)

Sister Cicilia had given me the list of stuff to be purchased for the skit.The inventory included paraphernalia like a pair of white open shoes, Light blue skirt ,white shirt, blue hairband ,blue earrings and white stockings!!! That weekend mom and I went shopping and I was seen crying inside every other shop as I had my own choices and mom wanted to adhere to what sister had listed out.I either didn't like the blue color,or wanted micky mouse on the hairband ,else was unhappy with the white shoe and demanded blue instead. Well Mom had a tough time dragging me out of each shop as I used to scream out loudly when she said 'No' for my ‘out of the ordinary’ demands ... Tired of my tantrums, mom and dad decided to go shopping without me and got all that Sister Cicilia wanted me to have !!

The 'D' day arrived and I was all set with the right expression and style of dialogue delivery-it was more like one eyebrow raised a bit, cheeks to one side and then with the correct accent ask "What happend to you Tom?"
Back in the green room I was forced to put all that makeup which I hated.Big pink round patches on either side of my cheek ,ideally supposed to make me look like a blushing cute kid (which I never was!)...and all that foundation which never matched my complexion...I looked like a kid who had just fallen into a bucket of flour and my reflection in the mirror startled the life out of me! Mom was beside watching them torture me...and finally whatever she could wipe off my face she did before I could step on to the stage. I was extremely fagged out after this perturbing session and mom blessed me with a 'good luck' and said "your father and I will be watching you from well"!!

Finally on stage we all were positioned at our respective spaces before the curtain was raised... and I could see Sister Cicilia on her toes ,totally tensed as the skit was about to start off. I saw a huge crowd before me as the curtain went up and all eyes were glued on us. I wondered where my mom and dad were seated. I was hungrily waiting for my mom to wave at me,how ever hard I tried I couldn’t find them among the audience .I felt that they had left me alone and had gone back mind muttered..."How could they leave me here on this stage and go off..."!! I was disturbed, thoughts chased thoughts..I wondered if they had all gone to the museum(my favorite hang out during those times) without me?? That reminded me of my previous weekend at the trivandrum museum where I ate cotton candy for the 1st time..i could still feel the taste at the tip of my tongue and while I was enjoying the flavor of it,i could hear Sister Cicilia screaming out from back stage...”Hey you....speak up”!!! Pinky who was near me pinched me.I wondered whom they were referring to ,and I could see the curtain going down.. The burlesque was over!!!!
Fuming Sister Cicilia marched towards me, pulled my ear and asked me "What were u dreaming, girl?? Why didn't you speak up???”!!!
I was thunderstruck!! Before I realized, it was all over ....the curtains came down....I did not deliver the dialogue.... As I stepped out of the stage I could hear Sister Ciclia cribbing about me big time to the other teachers ...I couldn’t just take it when Jobin (who was my enemy in class )chuckled at me with that stereo typed sad expression of his!! I was isolated and my friends gave me disgusted looks and there I saw mom walking towards me.I was soo happy to see her and just ran towards her and hugged her tight and cried my lungs out :( I could only tell her in my weeping language that I forgot about the skit while looking out for her and dad among the mass.I didn't have to waste my time justifying my act to her as she knew me pretty well.As always moms forget and forgive soon..but Sister Cicila never did!!!
A month after this we had Christmas celebrations at school..Sr Cicila was still upset about her skit which was screwed up..but made sure she never gave me a chance again!!! But here Iam still craving to get on stage and ask "What happened to you Tom"? 


moonlite:D said...

thats a cute post :)
don't you wish your mom had walked up to the stage, and helped you with ur dialogue, like in KJo Movies (kidding)
I dont like people who never give second chance.. esp to innocent ones :)

and.. i wish u get a chance to say "WHTU, TOM?" on stage !! :)

Sanju said... are getting too good at blogging! I am starting to follow these everytime and its almost like i am waiting for your next one. Good going.

Reni Sandheshia.R said...

Good one. Hope u get a chance soon.

Vineeta said...

@moonlite: Thanks for reading..Well u read my mind..wish she had walked up the stage and helped me with my dialogue when i was in my dreamworld
@sanju:Thank you soo much for reading..iam happy to know that u wait for my blogs...encouraging words :)
@Reni:Thanks for reading..i hope i will some day ;)

Asif Shaik said...

Hey loved this blog alot....Even this new theme is cute.I enjoyed imagining every line of this blog.BTW u had ur hair style like the mickey's hair style then(2 ponys)?Ha Ha Ha really u express children's feelings very well.Keep it up.Hey i would love to read more abt Sis.Cicila n what she did later :).
See life is a very big stage----And u know,We are all watching the skit n ur performance in our imagination coz of ur writing skills...
Look now, even i feel like asking u-"What happened to you Tom"? ofcourse with a bizare facial expression. :)

Vineeta said...

@Asif: Thank a ton for reading..hehehe my hair style during those times is not even worth me it was that bad!!Wish i could write more about Sis Cicila as i do miss her even now :)and thanks again for reading all my blogs :) said...

A really good one! This post is able to keep the reader interested till it ended. I was eager to know what happened on stage while I was reading. Once the story ends, the reader is made to think of possibilities which can happen after this episode.
Wonder how u remember all these incidents from first standard!!!

Vineeta said...

Thanks Chetta..:) well few such instances can never be forgotten :)

Anjana said...

Hey.. good one..!!! How come I dint knw this story b4? I just loved your batch u knw...!!! keep writing...! Love ya..!

Vineeta said...

Thanks Anjana chechy..there were more such stories;) and it was the same for each one of are always our sweeet chechy then and now:)

Ekanthapadhikan said...

Well, I too wish that she had walked up to you and helped you with your dialogue. But a few stints on stage makes me realize that it just do not happen that way!

Chatterbox said...

Simply wonderful :)
You are amongst the very few people I know who remember all the happenings of their childhood even when they were as little as in kindergarten.
It's a beautiful gift to be able to remember those wonder years. I too am one of those :D

Your beautiful narration kept me glued to the story desperately waiting for what shall happen next.

Keep up the wonderful work :)


Vineeta said...

@Ekan..very true..though i wished the same it was just not possible:) Thanks for reading by..

@Chatterbox..Thank you soo much!!i find my childhood days pretty interesting and few such instances still remain buried within me :) Thank you for dropping by :)

Omana said...

Great my mind's eye I can almost visualise poor Sr snorting and fuming like a bull while you lisp and whimper to justify yourself.....difficult to win a pardon!!!!

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